Frequently Asked Questions

The A-List Diet is a simple, effective way to lose weight and keep it off, while looking younger and feeling better than you thought was possible. In fact, you could lose up to 15 pounds in the first two weeks alone! Grounded in the latest cutting-edge science, this foolproof approach lets you tap into the power of Dr. Pescatore’s “A-List” of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks to protein, and when you combine these specific A-List aminos in just the right way, using an innovative technique Dr. Pescatore calls amino boosting, you can…
  • Rev up your metabolism
  • Trim away stubborn fat
  • And supercharge your weight loss
Dr. Pescatore’s celebrity clients love this diet because it’s easy—there’s no counting calories, no confusing point systems, and no obsessing over the scale. Instead, they turn to his simple A-List techniques to slim down fast and stay ready for the next audition, red-carpet premiere, or paparazzi run-in. Now, Dr. Pescatore is making these celebrity secrets public for the very first time in his latest book, The A-List Diet. Because these secrets should not just be for the rich and famous! Dr. Pescatore has already helped thousands of overweight and obese patients lose weight and take back their health—and he can help you, too. Every step of his revolutionary weight loss method is detailed for you in Dr. Pescatore’s book—including essential tips to personalize the plan to fit you and your lifestyle. Click here to order your copy of The A-List Diet now and get ready to watch the pounds melt away.
The A-List Diet unlocks the power of amino boosting to achieve maximum weight loss results. Amino acids are the building blocks of all protein, and protein is the building block of a healthy, lean body. Customized protein boosting—with the right amino acids—not only helps turbocharge your weight loss, but it also helps slow down the aging process. Dr. Pescatore’s A-list patients look great largely due to the fact that they are aging more slowly from within. Discover how easy it is to customize your own amino boost for maximum results in The A-List Diet. Click here to order your copy now. Welcome to the LAST diet you’ll ever need!
BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are a very specific type of amino acid. There are only three BCAAs: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Together they make up Dr. Pescatore’s “A-List” of aminos: These incredible substances are going to help you lose weight like you’ve never done before. The right mix of BCAAs can help you:
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Build and retain lean muscle mass
  • Even melt away stubborn belly fat!
And so much more. In fact, the research on BCAAs is so compelling that Dr. Pescatore calls BCAAs “the missing link between health and weight loss.” Learn more about BCAAs—and why they’re about to become the greatest weight loss secret you’ve ever tried—in our Quick Start Guide. It’s time to start your own A-List transformation. Order your copy of The A-List Diet right here.
For starters, you can drop up to 15 pounds in as little as two weeks—while enjoying delicious and satisfying food! But that’s just the beginning. The A-List Diet outlines everything you need to know to achieve your goals and maintain your new healthy weight for life. (One of Dr. Pescatore’s most memorable patients has lost 86 pounds and counting, as of press time). Click here to order your own copy of The A-List Diet right now. Welcome to the LAST diet you’ll ever need!
Absolutely. Here’s what men really like about The A-List Diet: This amino-boosting method using BCAAs can target belly fat to help you lose the “spare tire.” In fact, amino boosting with BCAAs is a perfect way to help men get fit, build muscle, AND trim away extra fat—all with less effort. Bodybuilders and elite wrestlers even use BCAAs to trim fat around the waist and achieve the classic “six-pack” look. As you’ll discover in The A-List Diet, there are 6 distinct A-List Dieter Types. Two are customized specifically for men, and there is an additional type that’s appropriate for both men and women. (Find out your A-List Dieter Type right here.) See for yourself how easy—and delicious—it can be to get fit. Click here to order your copy of The A-List Diet now.
It’s a fact: There is no “one diet fits all.” Your amino acid needs will depend on the interplay between your hormones, metabolism, and the macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbs) you consume at any given time in your life. In The A-List Diet, Dr. Pescatore identifies 6 distinct dieter types and reveals the optimal amino acid intake for each. These amino boosting “prescriptions” are designed to transform your body into an efficient fat-burning machine. Knowing your A-List Dieter Type is critical to fast, lasting success with the A-List Diet. To find out your A-List Dieter Type, take this short quiz now. For full details on how to unlock the power of amino acids to suit your A-List Dieter Type, order your copy of The A-List Diet now.
The A-List Diet was developed by a board-certified physician, Fred Pescatore, M.D. Patients from all walks of life have already been using it safely and effectively at Dr. Pescatore’s private practice in New York City, and couldn’t be happier with the program and with their results. Unfortunately, there are plenty of diets on the scene that were not developed by a medical doctor or tested in a real-world clinical practice. But think about it: You wouldn’t trust the health of your car to an unlicensed, untrained mechanic—would you? Then why risk your health on a program that wasn’t designed by an experienced physician? Grounded in the latest cutting-edge science, The A-List Diet is a foolproof approach to eating healthy that will make your body feel good on the inside, which makes you look younger, slimmer, and better than ever—the natural way. With a unique dieting innovation known as amino boosting, the A-List Diet goes beyond Atkins, beyond The Whole 30, beyond Eat Fat, Get Thin, and way beyond Paleo. By combining the benefits of amino boosting, protein rotation, inflammation busting, alkalization, and genetics, this diet maximizes your ability to drop weight. And thanks to Dr. Pescatore, it’s all personalized for your individual dieter type. Join us on the A-List today and see how easy it is to finally stay slim for life.