My A-List Diet solution is an innovative, research-backed way to help you transform your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

But the truth is, you’re not a machine…and sometimes, your human sweet tooth will need a little extra help to ward off temptation.

So the next time your well-intentioned coworker brings in a box of doughnuts…or you find yourself staring down a huge slice of cake with three inches of frosting…

Don’t panic.

Just reach for the secret weapon I tell every A-Lister to keep in her bag: Glutamine.

This amino acid can help you crush sugar cravings.

Science shows glutamine improves insulin resistance, while also improving body fat composition. It also supports a downward trend in blood pressure, a decrease in fasting blood sugar, a decrease in HgbA1c levels (a measure of how well your blood sugar is controlled over a six-week period). Of course, it also supercharges weight loss.

All the details on glutamine are there for you in The A-List Diet (order your copy right here). It’s also an essential part of my A-List protein booster shakes, which you can customize according to your A-List Dieter Type .