A few months ago, I wrote a piece titled, “What type of dieter are you?” In it, I explained how there is no “one diet fits all.”

Throughout my 25 years of treating patients, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are six different types of dieters.

Over the course of the next three weeks, my A-List Diet e-letter will profile each dieting type, as well as small changes you can make today to see optimal results for your specific category.

In the next e-letter, I will kick off this series strong with discussing one of the most difficult and challenging diet types: the perimenopausal woman. Stay tuned!

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A-Listers’ Corner

I just had to share this message from Martha P.:

“I have to say that this is much more than I expected. This is a layman’s medical education, which is so important right now! Mainly due to the fact that so many people I know aren’t getting results from their regular doctors.  Not to mention the fact that our healthcare system simply doesn’t do much to stopping or slowing diseases before they get to the acute care stage.

This information gives power to the patient to really make changes in their lives. It lets people take their healthcare into their own hands with more specifics about their individual genetics, age, etc. One major plus: people will be far better educated after reading this for when they do have questions for their doctors. Thank you!”

It’s messages like these that reinforce why I do what I do.  The constant battle against the mainstream “news” that only helps fuels trillion dollar industries.  As cliché as it sounds, knowledge really is power. As long as that knowledge comes from credible sources.

The science behind The A-List Diet is just that… tried-and-true science. No gimmicks, no point-counting, no overnight quick-fixes — simply sensible information and diet plans.

One more thing…

To get the most out of my three-week series on dieting types, you’ll need to know which category you fall under.

Take my quiz so that you can discover what strategies and foods work best with your specific dieting type.

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